Pursuit of Good Coffee

There are how many variables?!

Probably like many others, I grew up making coffee using the conventional drip coffee maker and probably learned how by reading the directions on the back of the coffee can.

FolgersEasy as 1,2,3, right?  Ha, not so much.  I think my husband would cringe if he read those steps to making coffee.

As we start our journey in opening a coffee shop and bakery with our business partners and good friends, Amy and Chris, one major component of our shop we want to focus on is to establish a good barista and coffee training program. And who better than me should go through the practice training as we establish our protocols; at least according to my husband.  So in the last couple of weeks, I’ve started coffee brewing boot camp!


First lesson in coffee brewing — there are LOTS of variables that can affect your coffee.  Time, temperature, turbulence, particle size, pour rate and distribution are just a few that I was able to jot down.  Who knew brewing coffee was such a science experiment?!



From weighing coffee beans to controlling the amount and flow rate of water to ensuring the amount of water in is appropriate and consistent with the amount of coffee out.  Still need lots of practice but making some progress.



Even though its not always as easy as 1,2,3, making coffee has become way more fun for me and I’m enjoying the challenge!



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