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“Our high school Alma Mater, we sing to thee today…”


And with the graduating class of 2014, ends the long line of the Ho girls at Arkadelphia High School. It seemed unreal to watch as my baby sister walked down to the front of her class, received her honor medals from my dad, who has done this once or five times, and continued across the stage to retrieve her diploma.

Danielle and I are almost 14 years apart.  While that is a big difference, we were very close growing up. I remember watching her stand on the coffee table in the living room and belting out Celine Dion songs, making up our secret handshake that we would not share with the other sisters, driving her to Sonic for Ocean Blue slushes, and being so impressed when she, Deborah and Donna would learn or choreograph their own dance routines.  The year she started kindergarten, I left for college.  And knowing I would miss out on her growing up broke my heart.  So when I would come home from college for holidays or long weekends, we would spend quality time together even if that meant I had to sit through the Shark Boy and Lava Girl 3-D movie.


At my high school graduation and years after, my family often joked that by the time Danielle graduated from high school, I’d be almost 32 years old and probably have a kid.  And now that day has come and gone; and I could not be more proud of the bright, loving and caring young lady she has become.



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