Life, Love, Pursuit of Good Coffee

the beginning

Years ago (many, many years ago), a young girl and her best friend missed their school bus and had no way to get home after school. An older boy the girls went to high school with offered to drive them home. That boy and that girl had no idea that one day…they’d be husband and wife.

Flashforward half a decade: after completing college at Auburn, the young man started his career in public relations in Atlanta while his then girlfriend began her graduate studies in genetic counseling. It was during that time the young man’s work brought him together with SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) and his enthusiasm and appreciation for the craft began.

In 2008, nearly 10 years after that first ride home from school, the young man asked that young lady to be his wife. The newly engaged couple moved to Washington, DC, where they started a new chapter in their lives. The young lady left her role as a clinical cancer genetic counselor and started a career path in laboratory genetic counseling. And while her taste for coffee was not as developed as her fiancé’s, she shared in checking out all the DC shops for good coffee every weekend.

These weekend ventures led the young man to create a website dedicated to advocating for the specialty coffee community and educating the general community about specialty coffee in the DC metro area. A few months later, he made his way behind an espresso machine and started training as a barista on the weekends.

What began as simply a ride home from school turned into a life long friendship and journey together through the stages of life. {genes and coffee beans} was created to share their life stories, the people, places and things they love, and their pursuit of good coffee.

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